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Return Policy

Non-defectiveproduct return/exchange

According to theprovisions of the Consumer Protection Act, goods purchased online enjoy a 7-dayhesitation period after the arrival of the goods. However, thehesitation period is not a trial period. If you want toreturn the product not because of its own quality or defects, please be sure tomaintain the integrity of the package, including the product itself, itsaccessories, gifts, invoices and other items and documents in the box, and sendit back in a brand-new unopened state. Freight and extension costs shall bepaid by the buyer.

Based on health andsafety considerations, if you purchase Leaffree’s food product, except fordefective product, the return/exchange must be kept in a brand-new unopenedstate. If it has been opened, it cannot be returned or exchanged.


Defective productreturn / exchange

After the arrivalof the product, if there are defects, damages, shortage of items and othersituations that need to deal with the return and exchange, please contact thecustomer service within 7 days to discuss the return and exchange. Return andexchange will not be accepted after 7 days. All returnedmerchandise, together with gifts, accessories, packaging, and accompanying documentation,must be kept intact as at the time of shipment. If there is arequest for physical invoice, the physical invoice must be returned togetherwith the signing of the debit note and other documents required by the relevantlaws, otherwise we have the right to reject the application. If you request areturn or exchange, cannot accept all or part of the order, or need to dealwith the return due to the cancellation or invalidity of the contract for somereason, you agree that the company can handle the invoice, debit note and thedocuments required by relevant laws and regulations on your behalf.



.Upon receipt of your returned/exchanged product, the company will handlerelevant refund/resend product within 7 working days upon confirmation and inaccordance with the return/exchange method you have contacted and negotiatedwith the customer service.