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『龍』喜金ㄟ! 特級金典禮盒歡慶上市! 全系列85折!


『龍』喜金ㄟ! 特級金典禮盒歡慶上市! 全系列85折!


We Believe

We believe that taste is connected to memory
It can therefore be fun
To follow your sense of taste on a journey
To depart and to return home
Exploring through taste can make for a wonderful journey

So we are enthusiastic
In seeking all kinds of taste inspiration
Whether from the aromas in tea or perfumes
There are unlimited ways to enhance sensual experiences

So it is our goal
To find the most natural, intuitive ways
To combine flavors and colors
That allows people to easily grasp the experience of a variety of flavors


We involve at every level of the production chain with contracted tea farmers who work under the concept of sustainable development.


100% native produced. We cherish the fine water of Taiwan; Leaffree teas deliver authentic tastes of Taiwan.


We recognize all food safety requirements, including many you may not be aware of. And we ensure that all Leaffree teas go through the 3th party laboratory pesticide residue analysis test before they are carried to the HACCP and ISO22000 certified factory.