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【 Precautions

1. Shopping bonus calculation method: For every $100 of a single order (excluding freight),
you will receive a corresponding member-level bonus for shopping, which is valid for 180 days.

2. Birthday gift: Valid for 60 days after the issuance.

3. The membership upgrade standard is based on 12 months,
and the upgrade will be automatically completed within 12 months if the standard conditions are met.

4. The membership upgrade standard is based on the "confirmed" order status as the basic requirement
for the cumulative spending amount.

5. The order amount of the first upgrade will not be counted into the standard conditions of the next upgrade.

6. When the membership discount is combined with other discounts,
the system will automatically select the best discount at checkout.

7. Leaffree reserves the right to modify the membership system and preferential activities.